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About Us

​Lafae Timeless Art is a company that produces original art for home and office decor. The company platform is change now and in the future. All art produced or represented by Lafae is signed in red signifying the need to stop the loss of innocent blood and lives; the need for economic diversity offering and providing opportunities to all cultures; the need for world change creating freedom, peace, shelter, and food for all human beings, “Every life is priceless."

Cultures can be inspired by the content displayed in the art. Today, art is represented by many changes that have occurred in our world. Our world is constantly changing and so is our desire for art to represent it.

How the art is interpreted is the choice of the individual. Many of the colors and combinations used can blend with many designs, types, and colors of walls and/or furniture. You are not limited by any of the art but can use the art to express many views. 

We believe in the free artistic expressions of the artist.  The eyes are the looking glass of the mind and through our eyes we will visually see the change occurring and our minds will process and do what is needed for change. Welcome to the new at Lafae Timeless Art.

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